Development. Strategy. Innovation

Private Equity Firm

We advise high net-worth individuals on wealth distribution, public relations & strategic partnerships.

Consumer Investments

Our consumer investments have a presence in the areas of Real Estate, Crypto,Tech, Environmental & Agriculture Development. Our partners get exclusive access to our current portfolio of development throughout the United States

Business Services Investments

Our business service investments provide our clientele consumer products companies primarily in Global Imports of Consumer Goods, Sales & Marketing Operations, Product Innovation and Development.

Crypto Impact

A Global Community Impacting the World.

Crypto Impact is a global community initiative to rebuild and impact communities across the global through crypto led projects.

Crypto Impact was created not only to help local communities in their development but also bring mass awareness to the benefits of crypto. All community initiatives are funded through various crypto projects and investments.

“Each partnership is handled with the upmost care and confidentiality. Goliath Ventures is a referral only firm. Companies and individuals must adhere to a strict interview process before onboarded”

Chris Delgado | CEO